parent-teacher conference

This morning I had a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. De.  It was a planned conference, but it still made me a tad bit anxious.  I KNOW Lexi is a great child/student.  She is smart, friendly, and she loves school, but what if she acted totally different at school?  Well, she doesn't.  Mrs. De sang praises about Lexi.  She is doing very well academically and socially.  I had tears in my eyes as Mrs. De talked about our sweet girl.  Mrs. De described Lexi as a leader, but not bossy, a friend, a care giver, and she always, always gives 100%.  We have to work on her confidence with reading, but Mrs. De said she is above average and is very proud of her.  Kindergarten is simply the best and we are blessed with an awesome school and incredible teacher!!

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