The Plan

The plan for the other night:
Put Lexi to bed at 8.
Clean house.
Update blog.  Realized I hadn't even posted about Christmas.
Take a shower (the first one of the day).
Go to bed early.

The reality:
Lexi did not want to go to sleep.
Got her in bed at 8:30.
Cleaned the house.
Lexi woke up.
She started screaming.
I went in her room.
She asked me to rock her.
I did.
She held on tight when I tried to put her back to bed.
I continued rocking her.
Put her down.
Sat down at the computer to blog.
Blogger was not working.
Continued trying.
Stopped trying.
Finally got in the shower at 10:30.
Did not get to read.
Did not get to update blog.
Did not get to go to bed early.
Did get to rock my 2 year old longer than normal.
Would not trade my life for anything.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it. I also feel better knowing that some of my days are the same and I am not crazy...or at least not the only one :)
-Emily S.