Some random things...

  • Lexi and I saw an ambulance today with its lights on. Lexi said, "Oh my gosh!  What happened?" 
  • Lexi sang all day long today.  She learned a song at school about holding two fingers up...I need to learn this one.
  • Lexi drew the letter "W" the other day.  It was accurate.  I just thought it was a fluke.  I asked her draw a "W" yesterday and she did.  
  • I handed Lexi a cup of cheerios yesterday and asked, "What do you say?"  She said, "Don't drop 'em!"
  • Lexi has Spanish class on Thursdays.  Yesterday I asked, "What does hola mean?"  Her answer, "Hi." 
  • She loves to sit on my lap and watch home videos on the computer.  She asks for them by the title she has assigned.
  • When Lexi wakes up from naps she likes to have Nine, Big Bird, Little Elmo and Big Elmo nap on throw pillows.  She says, "Go to sleep.  I pat your back."
  • When Lexi walks out of the room she will say, "Be right back.  See you later.  Wub you!" 
  • Jason and Lexi went to the grocery store the other evening.  They surprised me with a small plant. Lexi walked it in the house and handed it to me.  She was so careful walking with it, she was so excited and proud, and it absolutely melted my heart. 
  • Nine still does not wear clothes, but sometimes she needs a diaper change.
  • Lexi holds on to Nine and Big Elmo every night. 

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