More "Lexisms"

1.  When we put her to bed we talk about what she did well, what we need to work on, what her day will be like tomorrow, etc.  As we leave her bedroom Lexi asks, "Good girl?"  She'll ask over and over until we say, "Yes, you were a good girl."
2.  Lexi calls Andie, "Dee Dee Dog."  They are so cute together and Lexi LOVES Andie.  Lexi and I dropped Andie off at the groomers the other day and Lexi cried "Dee Dee Dog" as she reached for her.  She cried all the way back to the car.
3.  When Lexi sees a Dr. Pepper can she points to it and says, "Da Da."  And, when she sees a Diet Coke can she says, "Ma Ma."
4.  I said "Oh my" while on the phone today and Lexi filled in the blank and said, "Gosh."
5.  Lexi can count to 3 and knows that 8 comes after 7.
6.  Lexi's preferred meal plan: edamame, brussels sprouts, avocado and of course, milk.  You can't get her to eat a popsicle or ice cream.  :)
7.  Lexi still loves books.
8.  She is starting to say, "I love you."
9.  She will now give big bear hugs and we LOVE them!
10. She is very equal with giving kisses.  If she gives me one, she must give one to Jason!

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Anonymous said...

I love hearing how Lexi is growing up so big and getting so smart. It kind of makes me want to start a blog for Ava. I am glad you are having so much fun watching her grow... I know the feeling :)
-Emily Shannon