back to the doctor...

Two nights ago, when Lexi took a deep breath we could hear congestion in her lungs.  We knew she needed to go to the doctor again the next morning.  So, I took her in while Jason worked and the doctor did an x-ray and diagnosed pneumonia.  Pneumonia is a scary word, but Lexi had it last year so we know the drill.  Breathing treatments four times a day, two antibiotics, and a very large, painful shot.  The shot HURT our baby girl, but it helped her SO much!  After the shot I took her for ice cream and to the Hallmark store.  I had to carry her around both places because her leg was in so much pain from the shot.  Once we got home she was able to walk, but still needed help with sitting down.  ;)  With a lot of prayers and the new meds, our girl is finally getting better!  Last night the cough was not nearly as bad as the previous nights.  She is still herself during the day and has tons of energy and spunk!!  Right now she is walking around with her size 8 undies, pj top, her Toms that are two sizes too big, and her little Band-Aid from the shot that is hanging on by a thread.  She claims her leg still hurts so she needs to keep the Band-Aid in place.  She asked for tape to put it back on once it falls off.  :)

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