my birthday

Lexi has been planning what to get me for my birthday for weeks.  She has told Jason and Aunt Kim a number of times what presents she wanted to "buy."  Well, today Jason took the day off of work and he took Lexi shopping.  Since they bought the gifts today and we are leaving town for the weekend, Jason decided they would give the presents to me today.  There were 4 wrapped things in the living room.  The first gift Lexi unwrapped for me was a preschool activity book.  As soon as she opened it she said, "We didn't buy this at the store, we had it at home.  It was in my bins in my closet and you didn't know it.  We can use it for school."  The second and third things are super cute jewelry from...Anthro!  The last wrapped gift that was in the living room was a new pair of sunglasses.  Lexi told Jason this morning that I said I needed a new pair (?).  After that, they brought out a big wrapped box and it was a SEWING MACHINE!!  I am super excited about this!  I hope to make Lexi some adorable skirts (we'll see!).  Then, Lexi had me close my eyes and hold out my hands.  She surprised me with one of her stuffed animals (a little lamb).  She asked Jason if they could wrap it, but he thought it would be better unwrapped.  ;)  These two sure know how to make my heart smile.  These were the best gifts ever! 

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