the verdict

When Jason got home last night Lexi and I were both SO INCREDIBLY excited to see him!  After hugs and kisses Lexi took Jason into the breakfast room to show off the table.  He smiled and nodded his head.  Later that night I asked if he really was "ok" with it.  His response, "It's very 'Kelly' and because of that I like it.  I love that you and Lexi did it together.  That's what makes it special."  OMG...what an answer!  Love him!!  Oh, and he shook his head and smiled again when I told him about the new chair covers that UPS will deliver soon.  ;)

P.S. I'm one lucky girl. Look at this dress Jason bought me at Anthro on his road trip. He said he had to buy it because, 'it's so Kelly.' Lexi, this is a dress I will save for you. It will be the perfect vintage dress for you one day. ;)

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