getting married

About a week ago Lexi prayed out loud for a baby boy and a baby girl when she is older.  A few days later we talked about it and how she will get married and then have children.  She teared up and said, "I don't want to get married.  I just want to marry myself, live with you and daddy forever, and have two babies."

This morning Lexi was talking about her two babies again.  I asked what she was going to name them.  She said, "Little Lexi and Little Paw Paw."  She then said she wanted "Little Lexi," "Little Paw Paw," and "Little Kelly."  I asked about a "Little Jason."  She said, "Oh no, I can't have 4!  How about Little Lexi, Little Kelly, and Little Daddy?"  I said, "Aww, no Little Paw Paw."  Lexi said, "Ok, bring him back in.  I guess I am having 4 babies!!" 

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