Our House

I don't have many pictures of my childhood.  The pictures I do have, people are always in the photos and you can't really see the house, accents, or how the house is decorated (unless of course, it was Christmas...my mom always took a picture of the decorated Christmas tree!).  I think the way a home is decorated tells so much about the person/people who live there.  Since I work in Real Estate and Photography, I decided to start photo journaling our home so Lexi can see how we lived, what her home looked like when she was a toddler, etc.  I only took a couple of photos today, but there will be more to come...
Lexi and I went to Michael's and Home Depot today to pick out plants and containers.  Once we got home we planted them together!

It is March 6th, but it is still cool enough for a fire in the fireplace.  We use the fireplace every chance we get!

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