This and that

Things have been so hectic (good busy) around here and I haven't been able to blog.  There are a few things on my mind that I want to remember so *warning, this will be very random!

1.  Nine goes to "time out" for not listening all the time.  She is there now.
2.  Lexi likes to do things by herself, i.e., climb in the car seat, buckle it, get out of it, etc.
3.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses with squinted eyes especially when she wants something.
4.  She likes to take off her diaper when she is wet or dirty.  She will take off her clothes, remove the diaper, and then put her clothes back on.  She will not tell us before hand when she needs to go potty.  We think it is time for her to get on that potty train!
5.  She loves to dance.  It is mainly jumping and twirling, but it is the cutest dance I have ever seen.
6.  She loves her big girl bed, but she is in a stage right now where she won't nap and it is tough for her to go to bed.  If Jason is home I leave and go to "work" so he can put her to bed.   We have more luck when Jason puts her to bed.
7.  She calls "buttons," "butts" and "curtains," "curts."
8.  She still does not like chocolate.
9.  She still loves her milk, warm milk to be exact.  She will repeat herself over and over asking us to "warm it up?" like we have never done it before for her.
10. She now calls herself "Nine's Mommy."
11. Nine is the only one allowed in her bed.  All the others sleep on the big dog on the floor.
12. She calls all her animals and dolls "the people" when she references them as a group.

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