First post from my iPhone

My friend, Erika taught me how to post via my iPhone. I am so excited about this!! Thanks, Erika!!

Lexi has been ill since the weekend. It started off with a mild cough and a low grade fever. As the weekend progressed, the cough got worse. On Monday morning I took her to the doctor. She had a 103.6 fever and an X-ray that diagnosed her with pneumonia. I was really scared to hear that word and feared we would be sent to the hospital. Luckily, it is a pretty mild case so the doctor was able to treat with a shot and antibiotics at home. The nights have been really rough with her cough breaking up, but I pray tonight is better. This morning I took Lexi to her follow up appointment. The doctor did another X-ray and is happy with how the antibiotics are working. She also prescribed a powerful cough medicine so hopefully she will get some sleep tonight. Here's a picture of all the meds and the pretty purple tulips MiMi brought over this morning.

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