Lexi's new crib

Lexi's room was just a mess.  We still had the guard rails on her bed so I was unable to make her bed each day.  This drove me NUTS!  She sleeps with about 30 babies/stuffed animals so they were all over her messy bed.  She likes to have everything neat and tidy in her room (i.e. if one thing is 'out' in the room before she goes to bed, she has to put it away or will ask one of us to take it out of her room).  So...with all of this being said, we decided to re-do her room!!  The inspiration for the room came from, well, Anthropologie, of course.  I found the shams in the store and online on sale, but the comforter was completely sold out.  I called multiple stores, asked our nearest store if there would be anymore in stock, and the answers were all 'NO'.  Then, (drum roll please) I found it on Ebay!!  I ordered immediately and seriously could not wait until it arrived!!  Finally, almost a week later it was here.  During that week Jason and I primed and painted (well, mainly Jason), and Jason installed the new ceiling fan (we've wanted to replace her ceiling fan since we bought the house over 2 years ago).  Once the bedding arrived I discovered some bunting flags I had bought on sale after Christmas for photo shoots.  I was thrilled when I came up with the idea of hanging them in her room since they match perfectly!  The other 'new' accessories for her room include the lamp (on sale at Hobby Lobby), a piece of fabric on her nightstand, the #9, for her favorite beloved doll named, 'Nine' (I got the #9 at Hobby Lobby, used an old shadow box and put a piece of fabric on the back to dress it up.  I also added moss to the top left part of the shadow box because it had some old glue on there I couldn't get off.  I also added a paper bird from World Market on the moss to make it more realistic, if you will).  The 'gates' (as Lexi calls them) above her bed were left here in our backyard from the previous owners of the house.  I cleaned them up and put a sealer on both before hanging them up.  I also bought purple spray paint and freshened up her baby wall letters with her favorite color and new ribbon.  Next to Lexi's bed on her nightstand is an old piece of sheet music I found at Half Price Books for $3.  The song is titled, 'Good Night, Little Girl of My Dreams' by Bing Crosby.  I didn't have a frame for it, so I took the back of an old frame and glued it to that.  The texture that outlines the picture is similar to the lamp shade so it works perfectly!  The last two new things in her room are the rug from World Market and the curtains from Anthropologie (on sale).  Oh, one more thing, I also finally added new knobs to her furniture from World Market ($2.99 each).

Lexi's new room is light, whimsical, spunky, fun, unique, happy, peaceful, special, soft, inviting...just like Lexi.  She is totally unique and special so we wanted to make her room something that reflects her.  I think we accomplished our goal.  She absolutely loves it.  She says her favorite parts of her room are the flags and the door knobs (the flower knobs on her dresser).

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