Valentine's Day 2012

Today a man at the grocery store asked what my husband was doing for me for VDay.  I replied, "We don't celebrate Valentine's Day."  He was shocked, "What?"  I explained how I don't want flowers or chocolate on the day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I like chocolate and flowers any other day, "just because," but not because you should on 2.14.  He said he wishes his wife would say that and really mean it.  I didn't go into with the man who was spending way too much on roses at the grocery store, but Jason and I believe a good relationship is like having VDay 365 days a year.  Now, not all days have singing love birds in the air, but all days are filled with love, respect, and hand holding.  I am so glad Lexi is growing up in a house that thrives on love every single day.  She knows she is loved, she knows Jason and I love each other, and we know she loves us.  Today and everyday I want to show my little Valentine and my big Valentine love and happiness because they are the two who fill my heart all the time.

Here's some pics of our littlest Valentine.  We love you, sweet girl!!

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