lexi is six (well in 24 hours).

Five was hard for me.  Five was a milestone.  It was the year she would start kindergarten and be with someone else more hours in the week than she was with me.  Well, six is hard for me.  Six is a milestone also.  Every birthday is.  Even though she has technically been closer to 10 than a newborn for a half a year, it's just obvious now when I say "Six." 

Even though Lexi is growing up too fast, she is still my baby.  She will still snuggle, hug, kiss, sing "You are my Sunshine" with me, and let me squeeze her in front of her friends.  I know this will all go away much too soon, but instead of thinking about that I will let my heart be full with the blessings she gives me on this day.

In six short years Lexi has developed a passion and zest for life and all things in it.  Her kindergarten teacher says she always gives 100% and I couldn't agree more.  Lexi has spirit and I don't mean the ra ra kind (although she has a ton of that too).  She has the Holy Spirit in her soul.  Of all things Lexi does well, this makes me the proudest.  She loves Jesus and it shows through her actions and words.  She cares, nurtures and is kind to all.  Her heart is beautiful and gentle.  She treats others how she wants to be treated.  She has a brain that can comprehend the unknown because she has faith. She amazes me and I thank God for choosing me to be her mom countless times a day.

 *Photos by Zoe D. Photography.


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