One of my new favorite days of the week is Thursday because that means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  This morning after I dropped off Lexi I went to the gym and then Trader Joe's.  I picked up a ton of fresh ingredients to make Paleo crock pot chili, a harvest salad, and some pumpkin cornbread for Jason and Lexi (I'll have to try a little bit of course because it smells amazing).  After school today we have a play date with the Harmons and then we will come home and dinner will be done, we will give Lexi a bath, go to bed, and then wake up to Friday!!  Tomorrow is POP homecoming (yay! goooooooo eagles!!) so I'm going to go to the pep rally in the afternoon and then we will enjoy the Friday night lights with Lexi and her kindergarten friends.  I'm so glad it is Friday eve and that dinner is already done for tonight and tomorrow!!

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