tgife week 2

Thank goodness it's Friday eve week 2!!  Today has been pretty perfect.  I dropped Lexi off this morning and went straight to Target.  I was there ALL BY MYSELF.  Literally.  No one else was shopping at 8 AM and it was amazing!!  The only thing that would have made it better is if I had a PSL.  ;)  After Target I went to the gym and had an awesome workout.  Once I got home I got in the pool for a few minutes, took a shower and then took a NAP!!  I slept for 20 minutes and it was glorious.  I am now sipping tea and just finished my second paleo cookie of the day.  As perfect as this Thursday has been I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday.  Today has been pretty spectacular, but it won't even compare to the greatness of this upcoming Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.   I'm jumping out of my skin excited to have my mini me home for a couple of days straight!!

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