The other day Lexi and I were shopping.  She picked up a baby doll and carried it around with her while we were shopping.  She also picked up about 20 necklaces and put them on and carried around a large (very large) pink purse.  When it was time to go I asked her to put everything away.  She put away the necklaces and she put away the purse without any problems.  I then asked her to put the baby back too.  She cradled the baby in her arms and snuggled with the baby's face and said, "But mom, the baby doesn't want to stay at the store."  I could tell by the way Lexi acted with this baby that she felt love and wanted to take care of this particular baby.  She is so loving and nurturing.  How could I say no to that sweet voice?  I didn't...we have a new baby.  Her name is Ten.

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