give thanks

We had a great Thanksgiving in our new home this year!  Uncle Chip, Aunt Sarah, Preston and Grandma Mike all came from Houston to celebrate with us, Mimi, Paw Paw, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kristi.  Mimi and Paw Paw were the first ones to arrive.  While we all gathered in the kitchen I noticed a fire on our dining room table.  I yelled, "FIRE!!" and ran!  I had some votive candles on the table as well as some fake leaves and the windows open...not a good combination.  Thankfully, we got the fire out fast!  That started the day a little bit on the crazy side, but it quickly became relaxing, fun, delicious, and perfect.  We were with most of the people we love, we had more than plenty of food and our home was warm.  While at dinner Lexi started the "Thankful" game.  She said she was thankful for me and Jason.  We all went around the table and expressed our love for each other.  Thanksgiving 2013 was simply delightful.

*I took out my camera this year, but still had a hard time remembering to take pictures!!  Maybe next year I will learn!!

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