must be doing something right.

There are times when "mommy guilt" is strong.  Did I play enough today with Lexi?  Did I teach her anything today?  Should I really have raised my voice over that?  I'm not perfect and know I never will be and even after 5 years of being a mom, I still learn something new everyday.  But, I know we must be doing something right as Lexi's parents. 

Lexi is incredibly loving and wise beyond her years.  Yesterday she and I were talking about my grandpa.  She said, "He must be in heaven because I've never met him."  I said, "Yes" and Lexi responded with a sweet smile and a wink, "You'll see him again."  This morning Lexi hugged Jason and said, "I miss you when you are out of town."  She then asked me to fold my hands for her morning prayer:

"Dear God, Thank you for this day.  Thank you for last night and a good nights sleep.  I think you chose wonderful choices for my mom and dad.  I can't wait to see you in heaven.  Amen." 

My purpose for this life is to protect and love Lexi.  I believe she knows she is loved.  She is my sunshine and she will never understand the depth of my love, but I strive to help her comprehend.  I don't understand how, but my heart continues to grow.  Ahh, sweet Lexi . . . i love you.

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