A little behind

Even though I forgot to write, I have felt very blessed of the last few days.  I have been working and I am so thankful Jason was home to be with Lexi.  We are so blessed to have so much family in town who is always willing to watch Lexi when I have to work, but Jason and Lexi enjoy spending time together too...just the two of them.  After I worked on Saturday morning, we took Lexi to the park.  At one point while we were all three swinging, Lexi said very happily, "We're swinging as a family!"  It made both Jason and I smile.  The weather was perfect for flying a kite.  It was overcast and extremely windy.  I am blessed that we were able to go to the park together as a family this weekend.  It was a great day because the three of us were together.  I am so blessed to have a sweet and loving family.
Lexi had such a great time.  She didn't want to leave.  She was sad, but we promised to bring her back with the kite and she smiled.

Lexi's first kite.

Enjoying the swing. 

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