So we went.  Me and Lexi on the plane together.  Her first time and me...well, I don't get on planes very often so I get a bit nervous.  On Monday we boarded the plane.  Lexi was excited, I was nervous.  I prayed quietly in Lexi's ear when we sat down.  I felt better.  During the take off Lexi looked out the window.  I held her hand.  Tightly.  A few seconds later we took out the the Hello Kitty  stationary.  Lexi made cards for her new friends Hudson and Asher and her beloved GiGi.  Shortly after Lexi and I got our drinks, it was time to pack them up along with the rest of our belongings because we were descending. When we arrived in Lubbock, Amy and Asher picked us up.  We went to a t-shirt shop and One Guy's.  I loved pizza from One Guy's when I was in college.  We then picked up Hudson and then went to a cute ice cream shop and then we played at their house.  The next day, we went to the Ranching Heritage at Tech.  It was so pretty and the kids loved running around!  That night we went out to eat with our other friend, Patricia.  Her kids were not able to join us, but the adult girls chatted while Lexi, Hudson, and Asher played in the sand box.  On Wednesday, we went to the science museum (it was awesome) and later we went to the pool.  The kids loved splashing and playing.  We finished the evening with a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  On Thursday morning we went back to Tech for some pictures and then did a little more t-shirt shopping before heading to the airport.  It was a blast!

Here is why I am thankful and blessed for the past few days:

My husband encouraged me to take this trip.  It honestly is a trip I will never forget.  Lexi loved it.  I loved it.  My friend Amy is so comforting in so many ways.  She challenges me to be a better wife and mother without even knowing it.  I have learned it is about the experience, not about questioning the logistics.  I have had many cool mother and daughter experiences thus far...this one tops them all!  I am looking forward to our next mother/daughter trip, but before then, I am secretly planning our first real family vacation!

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