A Special Valentine's Day

This year we celebrated Valentine's Day with Grandma Mike, Mimi, and Great Grandma! Mimi came over on Saturday to watch Alexi while Jason and I both worked and before I made it home, Grandma Mike and Great Grandma were here too! Jason came home that night as well so our Valentine's Day was perfect! Here are some photos of the weekend:
Uncle Chip is 2500 miles away, but we all got to see him face to face on Valentine's Day!

Lexi and I both wore our shiny shoes for our Valentine's Day dinner at Snuffer's.

Lexi looked super sweet in her Anthro V Day dress. I bought it while I was pregnant and it was the perfect fit for this special occasion.

After the weekend was over Jason and I were cleaning up and I walked in the living room and found Lexi taking off her diaper. It was seriously one of the cutest things to see her powerful determination and her bare butt!

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