Thursday's are a little rough on this mom. Lexi has tumble bugs at 10:00 am which happens to be right in the middle of nap #1. Yes, she is still taking 2 naps a day. Since tumble bugs is during the first nap, I have to get up before she does so I can shower and get ready. I try to go to bed early on Wednesday nights, but last night I was working so I didn't go to bed until 11. It also rained last night/early this morning and Jason is out of town, so needless to say, I didn't sleep well at all. Ok, I digress, enough about Wednesday...the title of this entry is Thursday. So, back to Thursday. Regardless of how much sleep I get on Wednesday nights I LOVE Thursday mornings. I love it because the garbage truck comes and Alexi LOVES the garbage truck! When we hear the truck from the living room we rush to the window so she can watch. Lexi watches the garbage truck with her jaw dropped. She keeps her arm extended, points, and waves hi and bye to the truck. She gets so excited to watch the truck lift the trash cans and she is amazed by the flashing lights. Although I wouldn't get excited about watching the garbage truck alone, Alexi reminds me all the time to just enjoy the moment and to appreciate the little things in life. Alexi's not even 15 months old and she is teaching me lessons. She is amazing and I appreciate every little ounce of her!

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