Cleaning Up

Lexi is pretty good about cleaning up her toys, clothes, and shoes when we ask her to. She loves to pull her clothes and shoes out of her drawers. She will find random places for them, but it all makes sense to her. Some of her shoes go on her chair and some of them go in the middle of the floor. This is the case with my shoes too! The amazing part about it is she usually keeps them in pairs. She also prioritizes shoes by their color. The brighter, the better in Lexi's opinion.

Lexi also finds random places for her toys and some of my kitchen tools. For example, her "Little People" house usually belongs on the window sill in the dining room. If you ask her to put that particular toy away, that's where it goes. Tonight when I was cleaning up after Alexi went to bed, I found two sets of cookie cutters on the window sill in the spare bedroom. They were neatly placed next to each other. Clearly, they belonged together!

Alexi can make me laugh even when I am missing her while she sleeps and I am too exhausted to clean!

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