And She's Off!

Lexi is officially off the bottle. Lexi spent the night with Mimi and Paw Paw Saturday night and she didn't want the bedtime bottle or the morning bottle on Sunday. So, last night she had a cup of milk during and after dinner. When she finished we read a book, brushed her teeth, and put her to bed. Not one tear from her. This morning when she woke up I fed her breakfast and gave her a cup of milk. I was sad last night about it, because I love cuddling with Lexi while she drinks her bottle. She made me smile from ear to ear this morning though while she sat on my lap the whole time she drank her cup. Our sweet girl is 100% a toddler now. It may take me a little while to not cry for the bottle, but Lexi is handling it just fine!

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Michelle Harmon said...

I <3 your blog!!! It is so cute! I love everything...and I love the way you describe the daily events in your life. She is so cute Kelly. I can't believe she is totally off the bottle and is talking so much! Oh, and I love the picture of her after she took off her diaper. So cute!!!