happy pinterest day

I'm pretty much a tear along the perforated edge character valentine kind of gal.  Well, until this year.  Last year Lexi took those to her Valentine class party and I'm pretty sure she was the only one who gave those out.  There is NOTHING wrong with them (frankly, I prefer them and I love the simplicity) and I don't try to be like others, BUT since we have been stuck in the house with frigid temperatures and a congestive cough I decided to look on Pinterest...

I love mason jars and I found these from Dandee-Designs!  I knew I didn't want to give candy to her classmates so we headed to Michaels to find some cute bugs.  For the girls, we made butterfly necklaces and for the boys we found glow in the dark bugs at Mardel.  For the teachers, we defaulted to our favorite store...Trader Joe's.  We found delicious dark chocolate covered marshmallows and honey graham crackers.  We put them in a mason jar, picked out some "sweet" fabric from my scraps, added and note + bow and we were done. 

Lexi and I really do enjoy doing arts + crafts together and we love giving presents so this worked out perfectly.  I hope everyone has a very sweet Pinterest's Valentine's Day!