lexi the pop star

Lexi is the POP STAR at school this week!  For Lexi's special week at school we made a poster all about Lexi...
I asked Lexi questions and I didn't prompt her (I promise).

What is your favorite color?  "All of them.  I like rainbows because they have all the colors and they remind me of God and GiGi."

Who is your best friend?  "Addie and Nine."

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?  "The beach to collect seashells."

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "A photographer, a singer, and a doctor."

Where do you want to go to college?  "Texas Tech."

What is your favorite store?  "Target because I like when they talk about the Target card, Anthropologie, and Trader Joes."

And my favorite, who is your hero?  "You and daddy."

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Michelle Harmon said...

I love it! And I love her! She cracks me up. Target b/c they talk about the target card. Baby girl I love the target card too! LOL! And that Addie and Nine are her best friends. She melts me! Be sure to check out the adorable picture on my blog of Lex at Emmie's party that I just found! XOXO