Lexi Happenings

Lexi is now 10 months. After visiting with a 4 week old this evening I am totally 100% in shock at how fast it goes. She shows affection towards Jason and I now. She loves us for being her mom and dad rather than just the people who hang out with her all the time. She kisses us, pulls up on us, grabs for us, and may even cry a little if one of us leaves. I am officially counting the beginning of September as when she said her first word. She may pronounce it like a little hick, but it counts. She says, "hiah" for "hi." She waves as she says it and she greets pictures, Andie, Molly, or really anyone with the country tone. Amongst all of her toys she is able to pick out Molly, Mia, a ball, and the cow puppet. Her feet smell like actual feet and I love it! She had her second music class today and wowed me once again. She seems too young to "get it" and participate, but she does. She has a favorite song (the video posted shows the end of one song and the beginning of her favorite). She is growing up so fast. Life is amazing.

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