Christmas 2011

Howdy!  Yes, it has been too long.  I was doing so well...what happened?  Life I guess.  I will do better about blogging in 2012.  I mean, it is one of my resolutions so it has to happen, right?

This Christmas was wonderful as usual.  Another 'as usual' for Christmas...I didn't take any pictures.  Really?  Yes, really.  I don't know what is wrong with me!  I really need to get a point and shoot camera so I can take photos inside without worrying about the perfect light, props, etc.  Hmmm...maybe Jason will take this as a birthday present hint.  Ok, I digress...

Christmas 2011 was wonderful!  It went by in a flash.  On December 22nd, Uncle Jack and Aunt Sue flew into Houston.  On the 23rd, they rode with my mom and sister to Dallas to meet baby Preston.  On the 24th they all left and drove back to Houston.  Later in the afternoon on the 24th, Lexi, Jason and I piled in the car with gifts and headed to Daniel and Kristi's house.  Mimi and PawPaw were in the middle of remodeling so this was the first year Christmas was not held at their house.  Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kristi loved hosting Christmas at their new house.  We cooked, played, talked, and had a fabulous dinner before opening presents.  Lexi loved helping everyone tear open the wrapping paper!  By the end of the night we had an exhausted little girl, but she stayed awake and talked the whole way home!

Once we got home we put the reindeer food out on the front lawn and left chocolate milk and cookies out for Santa.  Then, we all snuggled in our bed together and fell asleep.  On Christmas morning we had to wake Lexi and bring her into the living room to see if Santa came.  Lexi went straight to the fireplace and spotted a Minnie Mouse umbrella Santa left for her.  She loved it...I think more than the big, beautiful doll house that he left for her!!  She eventually made her way over there, but the big shocked/excited/screaming reaction we thought we would see, well, we didn't.  She loves it now and she said she even wanted to write Santa a thank you note as well as send back his hat that he left in our fireplace!  Once we all exchanged gifts and had breakfast, we loaded the car up once more and headed to Houston.

On Christmas evening we had Christmas with my side of the family.  Of course, we missed Chip, Sarah, and Preston, but we did get to see/chat with them on the iPad.  It was a night full of laughs, presents, and good food once again.  We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful families on both sides.  We had a great holiday and can't wait for Christmas 2012 (I also can't wait to put up our new Christmas tree we bought after Christmas this year).

Until next Christmas...just kidding.  New Year's 2011 post coming soon.  :)

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