It happened, it really happened! It actually happened 4 times today! Little Miss Lexi LAUGHED! The first one happened this morning after she woke up and we had her in bed with us. She is always talking and smiling, but today there was a little chuckle as well! Throughout the day she laughed three more times. She did not realize she laughed and she is not laughing on purpose, but it did really happen!

Lexi began working on another milestone today...rolling over! Today during "tummy time" she had control and slowly rolled from her tummy to her back. Again, this was not fully on purpose, but she did it and it was controlled. I think she just had enough of tummy time and wanted to return to her back!

She is growing up so fast and we are loving every minute of it! Tonight when we dressed her for bed we realized she will be out of the 3-6 month footed sleepers really soon. She has almost out grown them in length.

I had more pictures developed today and put them in albums. Almost daily I look at her photos and catch myself tearing up and simply being in awe with her. She amazes me every single moment.

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