Valentine's Day with Our Little Love Bug

This Valentine's Day was extra special because Jason and I had one more person to show our love for. We celebrated VDay a couple days early because Jason had to leave on a road trip. When Jason arrived home from work there was a note at the door explaining to him that he had two dates that night. For his first date, he was to bring her flowers, pick her up on the back patio, and then escort her upstairs to the daddy/daughter dance. Lexi and Jason enjoyed the dance, I took a couple of pictures and shed a few tears. I love and adore them both...Valentine's Day and everyday. Lexi gave Jason a letter and the hankie I used on our wedding day. I carried the hankie around my flowers as my, "Something Blue." The letter explained that Lexi wants her dad to tuck the hankie away in his travel bag so it is always with him. Then, one day when Lexi finds the man of her dreams like I did, she will ask for the hankie back so she can use it when Jason walks her down the aisle. Lexi gave me a super sweet card and a charm of baby girl shoes to add to my charm bracelet. From mommy and daddy, Lexi got a book, clothes, and her first Anthropologie dress. Valentine's Day was filled with sweets, hugs, kisses, and much love!

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