Santa, all I need for Christmas is a pack of size 5 diapers...

I know the video is long, but I took the video to document part of Lexi's day. My friend, Ginny asked me today what we usually do during the day. Most things are routine like, eating, napping, and bathing, but Lexi comes up with new games and creative ideas all the time. I am fascinated by her ability to play on her own and her imagination. She played, "Organize the diapers" for about 30 minutes today. It made sense to her. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching her. I absolutely love my job. It may sound silly, but watching the diaper game today once again made me realize how rewarding my job is...every single day. To Jason, thank you for your hard work which makes it possible for me to be home with Alexi. It is a dream come true to have her and to have you. I am a one lucky mom and wife.

I am also happy to report we are truly making progress with the transition to a sippy cup. She was quite attached to one this evening and she learned from her friend, Caleb last night how to hold the cup and tilt her head back. I put the same sippy cup filled with water in her crib tonight. My hope is she will continue to grow an attachment to the cup and not want to leave home without it!

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James & Kelly said...

She's such a worker bee! I love it! So cute and thanks for sharing ; )
Kelly T