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So many things are happening right now...life is amazing!  This SATURDAY we will officially welcome Ms. Kristi King into our family!  Lexi is practicing this week being a "flower girl princess."  She is excited about her dress, her headband, her wand, dancing, etc., BUT I'm not quite sure what she will think about all the people turned to watch her walk down the aisle.  We'll see what happens!  Regardless of what happens with Lexi, Daniel and Kristi will be married and on cloud nine.  We are so happy for them and can't wait for their big day to get here so we can celebrate with them!

On another note, Lexi is cracking us up on a daily basis.  I really need to be better about writing down the things she says.  I know I say this often...

Here are some Lexi statements I can think of off the top of my head:
1. Tonight I tossed her PJs on the bed.  She said, "Don't throw things! You know better than that!"
2. Lexi went with me to take pictures of a house the other day.  My co-worker said, "Wow, you are a fast runner."  Lexi said, "I know.  I'm funny too."
3. Lexi hugged me and I said, "You melt my heart."  Later that day Lexi said, "I want to melt your heart" and she hugged me again.
4. We took Lexi to the pool the other day.  Two almost 5 grader girls were playing with her in the kids pool.  Later we saw them in the adult pool and she asked to go talk to her friends.
5. The other day she said, "I'm growing up so fast."
6. I took her to see "Winnie The Pooh."  She watched all the previews and kept asking when Pooh was coming on.  One minute into the movie Lexi said, "Ok, I saw Pooh.  I want to go home now."
7. Lexi was at my friend Michelle's house and they were coloring.  Lexi colored on her arm.  Michelle said, "We don't color on our bodies."  Lexi said, "Brian has color on his body" (we were just with the Ratcliff's swimming and Lexi must have noticed the tattoo on Brian).
8. Chip and his friend were at our house last night.  Chip's friend has a tattoo as well.  Lexi asked her if she could wash it off.  She said she tried, but she could not get it off.  Lexi told her she would try to get it off for her.  Chip's friend so ok.  Lexi left the room and came back with a wipe.  She tried to scrub off the tattoo with a baby wipe.

I promise to make a better effort at writing things down!  She is growing up too fast.  I really can't believe it!

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