This morning we signed Lexi up for her first dance class!  She will take ballet and tap on Tuesdays beginning this August.  This afternoon we bought tap shoes, tights, and a leotard.  On another note, tomorrow morning we will have to go back to the dance store to see if we left little puppy dog (a.k.a. "Five") at the store.  Tonight, when I put Lexi to bed she asked where her little puppy dog is...he could not be found.  He must be at the dance store.  First thing in the morning we will go see if he is there.  Lexi loves Five so much.  He is a tiny beanie baby and she sleeps with him and carries him everywhere.  When we couldn't find Five tonight, she picked up a Goofy figurine and said, "I'll sleep with Goofy.  He's a dog."  I am just heartbroken she doesn't have Five.  In fact, I put Lexi to bed 42 minutes ago and I am still kicking myself for not checking to see if she had Five before we left the store.  Lexi seems to be adjusting much better than me!  I checked online to see if we could purchase another Five.  I found one that is new and (gasp) he is $30!  I told Jason about it and he said he was heartbroken too and that we should just buy her a new one because he knows she loves him so much!  I will wait until I go by the store tomorrow to see if I can find him...hopefully he's not too lonely without his little sidekick.

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