Early Christmas Present

I had an urge to take pictures of Lexi (shocking, I know).  I wanted to buy her a new outfit for the photo shoot, but I opted to save the money and have her open an early Christmas present instead.  She loves purple so I had already purchased and wrapped purple boots, tights, shirt, skirt, and pants.  She loves all of it!  We went to Tom Thumb to pick up balloons and headed to a nearby park for the shoot.
The boots inspired this vintage looking shoot.  Lexi was rather unwilling to participate. It was cold & she refused to wear the vest I brought for her, she had balloons...so naturally she thought it was her birthday and wanted ice cream. Shortly after the shoot started, it ended...the balloons flew to the trees. Tears, a lot of tears followed. I captured some, but sadly they are somewhat out of focus.  I do love my model though regardless of her mood!

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