It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ok, I just love Christmas.  Love.  Love.  Love.  I love it more and more each year as Lexi learns more about it and is excited about every single detail.  She loves the lights, Santa and Mickey in the yard, the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, playing with her toy manger...I mean, she loves everything.  It brings so much joy into my heart to watch her eyes light up with excitement.

This past Saturday she had her Christmas program with her dance class.  They did a routine to Jingle Bells.  Lexi did great!  I had tears in my eyes as I watched her preform.  She didn't miss a beat!  (I hope another parent got video/good pictures because we didn't).

Today we started a new tradition.  The advent calender.  Lexi and I made it together and starting tomorrow (just a few days late) she will find a little surprise in the bag for the day.  Thanks, Kim for giving me the idea!  I know Lexi will love doing something "Christmas-y" all the days of December.

Our gift.

Our homemade advent calender garland.

Our tree.  Lexi decorated it and was so proud of herself.  We decided to leave the ornaments (or instruments as Lexi likes to call them) on the bottom because she did such a great job!

It is actually really cold in Dallas.  We have enjoyed the fireplace multiple times already this season!

The window with the wreath on the wall is my new display for Christmas cards.  We bought it at my favorite store, "Patina Green" in downtown McKinney.  We bought it for our house year round, but I'm excited about displaying our Christmas cards in it.  I absolutely LOVE it!  

Our family Christmas card.

Jason did such a good job with the house.  Normally Santa is not falling over, but we had a ton of rain the past couple of days.  We want to add more and more outdoor decorations each year.  Watch out Griswalds!

Our miracle.

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