Yellow Spaghetti O's

 Lexi may not have mastered holding her own bottle or adjusting to the sippy cup very well, but when the doctor asks me tomorrow at her one year check-up things she has learned thus far I will be able to mention:

Words she can say are hi, bye, momma, dada, uh-oh, and other babbles...

She can point out dogs, birds, babies, horse, cat, strawberries, duck, all of her stuffed animals by name, yellow, car, guitar, spider, pumpkin, diaper, window, lights, fan, Nemo, flower, Andie, frog, and I might be forgetting a few...

She also knows how to follow simple directions like, no, go upstairs, share, feet first, be careful, and watch your head. She can also communicate by signing no, waving, all done, milk, and sing. It is amazing to watch her learn!

Hugs and kisses to all!

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