November 19th

Alexi's due date was one year ago today. This year on 11.19 we officially sold our house and closed on our 2nd home. We move tomorrow. Lexi will not remember this house in Sachse, but we've had some great memories here. I remember bringing her home from the hospital and showing her each room. Lexi has slept in her pack 'n play all over this house, in the living room, master bedroom, the "elephant room," the "yellow room," and even in our closet (the quietest room of them all)! She has thoroughly enjoyed climbing up the stairs, playing with the doggie door, crawling all over, looking out the windows, and kissing her reflection in the dishwasher and oven. Lexi helped turned Crestridge Lane into a home. We are looking forward to many more wonderful family memories on Woodstream Lane. Goodbye Sachse, Texas...it was fun.

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Kevin Walsh said...

Blog entry frequency has really declined. Come on now. You can do it.