Lexi still sleeps with her sleep sack on, but she is now also sleeping with a small square blankie! Tonight when I changed her diaper and put her pj's on she held onto one sock in one hand and her shoe in her other hand. I fed her her bedtime bottle while she held the shoe and the sock. When I put her in her sleep sack I got her to let the shoe go, but she had a good grip on the sock so I let her keep it. I lasted about 5 minutes with letting her sleep with the sock. What if she got hungry in the night and tried to eat the sock? She would choke. So, I caved a half of a month early and let her sleep with a blankie. I went up there to check on her and everything is fine. She is sound asleep on her stomach with blankie in hand. It is absolutely adorable...I wish I would have given it to her sooner! I know, the next question is when will we let her sleep without the sleep sack? One thing at a time...baby steps.

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