Dr. Kelly

Jason often refers to me as, "Dr. Kelly." Not because he is confused about my degree from TWU, but rather because I tend to diagnose myself with random illnesses or problems based on unreliable sources from the internet. However, this latest development needed no internet research at all. I clearly remember learning the symptoms and signs of OCD in Psych 1301. The following list is proof I clearly hold the label of being OCD:

1. Throughout the day I say the words, "bird, baby, tree, fan, light, dog, cow, guitar, duck, and ball" repeatedly so I can sit in awe watching Lexi point to the things over and over again.

2. I tell Lexi "I love you" a million times a day. I want her to hear those words again and again so she doesn't forget.

3. I kiss Lexi a million times a day. Whether it be her face or her foot, each time I kiss her it is like the first time I kissed her.

4. I am obsessed with seeing Lexi do, "Monkey Face." I ask her to make the face all day long.

5. I have never had a foot fetish, but now with Lexi in my life, I can't get my hands off her feet!

6. In 10 months, I myself have taken 4000 photos of Lexi.

The above reasons are just a few of my many obsessions with my daughter. I believe I meet the qualifications outlined for OCD in the DSM IV.

Dr. Kelly is now leaving the office for the night.

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