Dee Dee Dog!

Whew!  It was an emotional roller coaster for about 13 hours in this house!  Jason was working a game last night and after I got Lexi out of the bathtub I realized Andie was not around.  We searched the house, but could not find our beloved Dee Dee dog.  I went outside and the gate was open.  It was pitch black outside.  Andie is black.  My heart sank and I felt a knot in my stomach.  Lexi and I jumped in the car, rolled down the windows and we both called for Andie.  We drove around for a little bit and then we walked around the block looking for Andie.  No luck.  We got home and Lexi continuously called for Andie.  While I was looking out the back window Lexi pointed to her talking dog and said, "Here's a dog!"  I had to put Lexi to bed and tried my hardest to explain to her that we will have to hope and pray Andie will come home.  As I waited for Jason to get home I sat on the couch with the TV muted in hopes I would hear Andie scratching at the door.  After the game Jason drove around the neighborhood for awhile.  Again, no luck.

This morning I posted signs in our neighborhood.  Within minutes I received a phone call from a man who said his wife found Andie last night and took her in.  The nice man and his wife dropped Andie off at home this morning and said Andie had a great night.  She slept in bed with the couple and their two dogs.  He would not accept the reward we offered.  We are so thankful for this wonderful couple!

Andie did not have her collar on when she got out.  The collar and tags are loud and have a tendency to wake up Lexi.  This problem has been resolved.  The tags now have tape around them.  There is a new tag that will attach to the collar without hanging being printed as we speak.  Andie will never go without a collar again.

Last night I dreamt over and over again that Andie found her way home.  It was so quiet without her.  She is Lexi's best friend (Nine is a very close second).  Our hearts were broken for the 13 hours Andie was gone.  We are so thankful she was in good hands last night and came home today.  We love you so much Dee Dee Dog!
Lexi placing "The Kissing Hand" stickers all over Andie.  Andie is so patient with Lexi!
After Lexi reads books at night she gives them to Andie to read.

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Michelle Harmon said...

OH THANK HEAVENS YOU FOUND DEE DEE DOG! I cried reading your post!! You are such a good mommy, the way you handled it and explained it to her! My heart just continues to swell with love for you guys!!! It's like God just knew your situation and knew that with Jason working last night and you needing to put Lexi to bed, that He would provide the perfect "hotel home" for Andie overnight. Wow, so amazing!