Friday Photos!

Alexi is teething, but that did not stop us from having a blast today! Our poor baby is getting at least 4 teeth in right now. She is getting her first set of molars...not fun. She is in so much pain it makes my heart ache. In order to relieve some of her pain I fed her some of my yogurt this morning...cheesecake with graham cracker crumbles mixed in. She loved it! She ate the entire serving. Over the past couple of days it has been a challenge to get her to eat. Surprisingly, my yogurt only had a couple more grams of sugar than her typical carrot and strawberry or banana and sweet potato yogurt (not kidding those are the flavors). After Lexi's 3 o'clock nap we piled in the car and went to Tom Thumb to buy her very first popsicle (sugar free of course). I couldn't wait to get home to see her eat it! I got the camera out, put an old shirt on her, grabbed a bib, a burp cloth and headed outside for the big event. I believe she put the popsicle in her mouth a total of 3 times. She held it, fed it to Andie, let it drop on the ground, and handed it to me. The only reason I needed the burp cloth was to wipe of my pants after sitting in it!

Note the picture in the bath tub...Alexi will not wear a bow in her hair, but tonight during the entire bath she wore the foam A on her head!

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