Leaps and Bounds

Today is day three of Lexi not having 2 out of her normal 4 bottles of the day. Little Lexi LOVES her bottle. On Monday I started only giving her the morning and evening bottles. Throughout the day she is offered a sippy cup of water and a sippy cup of milk. She does not mind the sippy cup of water, but watch out if you dare try to get her to drink milk from a sippy cup! It has been a challenge, but we are getting through it. I am offering snacks twice a day as well so she can keep her tummy full and content.

Today we ran errands with both sippy cups. She held on to the water cup, but she continuously threw the milk cup out of the basket. Thank goodness she did not throw a fit in the store. In the car she was playing with my water bottle with the lid on it and lifting it up as if she were going to drink from it. So, once we got home I put milk in a water bottle with a screw on top with a slit in it and BINGO! I have purchased every single sippy cup in the store ranging from $3 to $12 each. A plastic water bottle, hum.

So, as she was drinking from the water bottle and eating her snack I was cheering her on and then it really hit me. She is growing up. Sure, I am excited for all the new things we will encounter, but my baby is leaving. She is drinking from water bottles and eating whole cereal bars for a snack. She doesn't need me to snuggle with her on the couch as I feed her a bottle. Alexi is growing up. I am absolutely amazed at how fast time travels once you have a child. Everyone warned me, but I of course didn't fully understand. In a blink of an eye an entire day is over. Each day introduces a new thing and some things you never see or hear again. Each day she develops leaps and bounds and I have learned to treasure each moment.

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