Owl Always Love YOU!

We are one month from one of my new favorite holidays...Valentine's Day! Jason and I never really celebrated V Day when it was just the two of us because, well, we are cheesy and try to treat everyday like Valentine's Day. Now that we have Alexi, Valentine's Day grants us permission to give her extra kisses, hugs, presents, and sweets. At the grocery store today I found and bought the perfect card to put with Lexi's Valentine's gift. It says, "Owl Always Love YOU!" The card allows us to record a message for Alexi. I am already thinking about what we should say and honestly, my eyes tear up each time I think of a message. I'm pretty sure there will be a time limit to the recording. How in the world will we be able to express our love for our little girl in a matter of seconds? I know it's just a card, but I want her to keep it close to her heart forever. I love you is so easy to say, but so difficult to understand its depth. My prayer is Alexi will grow up and learn exactly how much and to what degree our love is for her. We (and all your owls) LOVE YOU Alexi!

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Michelle Harmon said...

I love that! I agree about Valentine's Day being even more special now. So happy to be back on your blog. It's one of my favorites!