Poor Baby

Lexi has been congested for a few days and she developed a cough yesterday so we took her to the doctor yesterday evening. She hasn't had a fever thank goodness, but she does have one ear infection and the other ear was on it's way to being infected. She is now on amoxicillin and ear drops. She slept so well last night and is feeling much better already! It is hard to see your child sick. I wanted to take it away and give it to myself instead. It makes me question what I could have done differently so she wouldn't have developed an ear infection. "Mommy guilt" or rather, "Mommy perfectionism" is hard to deal with. What I need to focus on now is that she is getting better. It is true, a mom is only as happy as her saddest child. So, in our case, when Lexi is blue I am blue(r).

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