God & Heaven

Lexi asks a lot of questions about God and heaven.  The things she asks make me smile.  Yesterday she wanted to know how people dance in heaven without any music.  I told her there is music and you can listen to whatever song you want to, as loud or soft as you want to.  She asked if God has a radio.  I told her that He has a big radio...big enough for everyone in heaven to hear.  She asked, "How do you know?  What if it is a small radio?"

The other night she made a card for GiGi.  The next day (not even talking about the card), she brought the card to me and said, "Mom, when we go to God I want you to carry this."

Yesterday in the car I had the AC on full blast.  Lexi said, "I wish God would make it even hotter outside because I'm cold."

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