the sister quest

I started a separate blog called "The Sister Quest."  I only posted 4 times and now I have ended it.  Here are the posts:

(1) Jason and I have thought and prayed long and hard about attempting to have more children.  Our desire for more children originated because we wanted a sibling(s) for Lexi; for Lexi to be a sister.  After a few years, our desire has grown significantly into wanting to love and nurture another child(ren).  Although it doesn't seem possible to love another little soul as much as we do Lexi, we know we will and we are more than ready.  We are praying for another miracle.  Lexi would be an excellent big sister and we would be honored to raise another gift from God. 

Four years ago, we kept IVF a secret from family and friends because we were scared of it not working.  If it didn't work, we would not have to tell anyone that we had a failed attempt.  The truth is, we would have been so upset that everyone would have known we went through something devastating.  This time, we are open to sharing our story and are grateful for all prayers along the way. 

Here is the basic rundown: once I start my period (within a week or so) I will begin birth control for 10-14 days.  After that, I will go in for daily sonograms and begin shots (2 or 3 per day for 10 days).  Next step, retrieve the eggs (praying for a lot, but not too many).  I will go under during this procedure.  The same day they will perform ICSI.  The next few days will be the toughest.  We will have to wait to see if/how many embryos grow.  The wait will be 3 to 5 days before transferring the embryos (up to 2) to my uterus.  This procedure is not painful, but will require strict bed rest for 24 hours. I will begin progesterone shots at this time and we will pray through the dreadful "2 week wait."

Here we go again...with smiles, positive attitudes, faithfulness and gratitude.  :)

(2) So, I'm back seeing Dr. Zhou for acupuncture treatments.  I'll go once a week until the week of the actual embryo transfer.  That week I'll go two times.  I really enjoy acupuncture.  It is relaxing and a great place to meditate and pray.  Today I thought about how I felt when giving birth to Lexi.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever been through and I pray I am able to feel that again.  I also reflected on how our lives have changed drastically over the past four years.  Four years ago I longed to be a mother.  Now I am one and feel forever blessed for that.  I sometimes feel selfish for wanting more children when other men and women don't have any.  While receiving acupuncture treatments I also pray for other infertile couples and that their wishes are also granted.  It is an extremely tough road to walk and I know now that you just have to have faith.  God's timing is perfect, even though sometimes we don't understand it.  This journey and process is difficult, but Jason and I will do anything to kiss the face of another Baby Walsh.

(3) Well, I'm very disappointed.  I don't know what else to say.  I called the doctor this morning to schedule my first sonogram since I started my cycle this past weekend.  Unfortunately, the ARTS department (where the procedures are held) will be closed for cleaning and maintenance during the time frame of when my egg retrieval would be done.   There is not another place that my doctor can use.  And actually, the ARTS department is fantastic, that's where we conceived Lexi, so I don't want any other place.  I guess God's timing has changed.  We will continue to pray for a successful pregnancy.  Hopefully we will have a birthday one month later than originally planned.  Trying to keep my chin up, but feeling pretty deflated right now.

(4) Jason and I both believe in signs and it seems we have seen a lot of them lately.  This time around, Jason had to kind of "talk me" into doing ivf.  I was scared of it not working and how I would handle that.  I of course want another child, but I; we rather, have fears.  Last Monday we found out the ARTS department would be closed during the time of my egg retrieval.  We also found out on Monday that Jason will be traveling full-time next hockey season.  It is hard not to take these two things as signs.  A few months ago Jason was going to be out of the TV truck; meaning, no travel.  We saw that as a huge sign that this was the time for ivf.  But now, perhaps if we did ivf it wouldn't work and what we have is perfect.  We have our miracle baby that we prayed so hard for.  Our prayers were answered.  We truly believe if we are meant to have a second child we will.  It may not be through ivf.  Maybe, just maybe, we won't need medical intervention.  If not, that's okay too.  We are thrilled to be "Walsh, Party of Three."  One day we may have to change our family blog name, but for the time being...we are happy just where we are.  I don't really plan on continuing to update this blog (unless something BIG happens) so, if you want to know what is going on with us please check out: walshpartyofthree.blogspot.com.  Thank you for all the support and continued prayers.

I felt the need to transfer the 4 posts to this blog so Lexi knows one day how much of a miracle child she really is and how blessed we are to be her parents.   

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