mommy/daughter day

I told Lexi last night today was going to be a mommy/daughter day.  Jason left for work & the NHL draft this morning.  We had a haircut appointment for Lexi at 11:00 AM and I promised to take her swimming and for ice cream after (she REALLY did not want to get a haircut).  We stayed at the pool for 1.5 hours, ate lunch there, ran a few errands, got her an ice cream cone and then had to come home to meet the plumber (we had a hot water heater leak).  The plumber was only here for about 30 minutes.  Lexi and I then fed the baby birds that have a nest in some low bushes by our driveway and made dinner for ourselves before bath time.  During Lexi's bath she said, "Mom, you said it was going to be a mommy/daughter day today."  I replied, "It was."  Lexi said, "No, it was a mommy/daughter/plumber day!" Haha!  Here are some "after" photos of Lexi's hair.  The curls at the end were pretty much gone.  I was nervous to cut them off in case they magically came back, but it looks so much healthier now!

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