simple summer salsa salad

I really am enjoying cooking lately.  I seriously love making new recipes and then sharing with friends when they are a hit (we have made and love many, many recipes from www.mixandmatchmama.com).  Tonight's dinner was a HIT and I LOVE that!  I absolutely love when my husband takes seconds.  Tonight though, he had thirds.  So, it's a no brainer that I have to share.  I got tonight's recipe from my photography friend (she is amazing by the way), Veronica Lola. Here is where I found it: http://cookingtothegoodlife.com/post/568525146/simple-summer-salsa-salad.  I made the salsa and then cooked fajita chicken on the stove, cut it up, crushed up multigrain tortilla chips (brand: food should taste good), mixed it all together and viola, a new summer staple in this house! This was also a hit with Lexi...she loves dumping chopped ingredients into a big bowl for me.  :)

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