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Lexi has been in private swim lessons at Lifetime for 6 weeks. Lexi LOVES her teacher at Lifetime, but we just weren't seeing much progress. Jason and I had been researching other programs when my friend, Michelle told me about the class Addie is taking. Jason and I watched a video of Addie swimming and we were sold. The class is only 10 minutes a day/4 times a week. Yesterday was Lexi's first day. At first, she didn't know what to think and when she figured it out, she screamed and cried for me to get her out of the pool. Today before swim class Lexi came up with every excuse why she couldn't go...tummy ache, headache, boo boo on her foot, you name it, she said it. BUT, today at swim class Lexi did great! No tears, no screaming, all determination! I am so incredibly proud of her. I had happy tears in my eyes for most of her lesson. Thank you, Michelle for telling me about this program. Lexi is going to be a little mermaid just like Addie soon!! Since the girls did so well today we took them for ice cream after their lessons (Addie's lesson is right after Lexi's. We get to be each other's cheerleaders!).

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Michelle Harmon said...

So proud of Lexi!!! :)